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Looking for gyms with pools in Cicero/North Syracuse? Well, Champions Fitness can help you with that. We provide swimming classes, water aerobics, aqua therapy, and other swimming related exercise for adults as well as children.

At Champions Fitness, our heated indoor pool provides year round opportunity to enhance your health and fitness while being gentle on your joints. We have specially tailored our services to cater all your needs; be it individual, group or family.

Water-Based Group Fitness Classes:

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We provide a wide variety of water-based group fitness classes that are free to our Members, including classics like water aerobics, as well as classes with a more modern twist, such as our Aqua Zumba class.  These classes provide a fun, efficient workouts that are easy on the joints.  In fact, the Arthritis Foundation offers classes at Champions specifically due to the benefits of water-based exercise.  See a description of our current classes here.

Swim Lessons:

Champions Fitness offers both group and individual swim lessons for all ages. Our Kids Swim program has been a big hit for many years. Our highly skilled swim instructors are great at helping kids feel comfortable in the water.

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Here at Champions, we don’t only allow pro swim athletes to access the pools but we also let beginners learn the basics under expert supervision.

If you’re not comfortable taking swimming lessons in a group, we can also arrange a personal swimming trainer just for you or you can also invite your friends to the swimming classes to get trained under a personal trainer.

Open Swim:

Swimming is an outstanding form of exercise.  We reserve a significant portion of everyday for Open Swim, so that our Members have an opportunity to enjoy the water and exercise at their own pace.

Many people want to get a dip after hours of tiring workout session at the gym, that is exactly where our free to members access comes in handy. Our fitness center subscribers can jump in for a splash during open swim time. This service makes us one of the few centers to have gyms with pools in Cicero and North Syracuse that offer free entry to the water pit.

Family Swim:

We designate certain hours per week specifically for family time, so kids and parents can splash together in our pool. We also provide a Family Changing room, separate from the Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms to make Champions more “family friendly.”

We can assure you, nobody works the way we do, which is the reason why we’re one of the leading and the only fitness venue to have gyms with pools in Cicero and North Syracuse.

Get in touch with us today and avail exciting subscription packages of gyms with pools in Cicero/ North Syracuse. Work hard under group or personalised training sessions and get guaranteed results.

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