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At Champions Fitness, our heated indoor pool provides year round opportunity to enhance your health and fitness while being gentle on your joints.

Water-Based Group Fitness Classes:

We provide a wide variety of water-based group fitness classes that are free to our Members, including classics like water aerobics, as well as classes with a more modern twist, such as our Aqua Zumba class.  These classes provide a fun, efficient workouts that are easy on the joints.  In fact, the Arthritis Foundation offers classes at Champions specifically due to the benefits of water-based exercise.  See a description of our current classes here.

Swim Lessons:

Champions offers both group and individual swim lessons for all ages.  Our Kids Swim program has been a big hit for many years.  Our highly skilled swim instructors are great at helping kids feel comfortable in the water.

Open Swim:

Swimming is an outstanding form of exercise.  We reserve a significant portion of everyday for Open Swim, so that our Members have an opportunity to enjoy the water and exercise at their own pace.

Family Swim:

We designate certain hours per week specifically for family time, so kids and parents can splash together in our pool.  We also provide a Family Changing room, separate from the Men’s and Women’s Locker Rooms to make Champions more “family friendly.”