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Jeanette Prosser

Jeanette Prosser

Hello, my name is Jeanette Prosser. I am one of the new group fitness instructors at Champions Fitness Center who recently came over from Kelly Lyn North Fitness. I teach a variety of fitness classes including Kickboxing, Total Sculpt, Intervelocity, Spin and Bootcamp… and I simply LOVE it! My passion for fitness started from a young age, as I was always involved in as many athletics as I could be. I trained to teach Kickboxing at a local karate studio at the age of 18, and fell in love with instructing! I continued to instruct throughout my college years while I earned my Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Elementary, Special Education and Literacy Education from Syracuse University.

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In 2006 my husband and I moved to the island of St. Kitts where he earned his degree in Veterinary Medicine and I taught at the elementary school on campus. Disappointed that the University did not have any type of fitness facility or exercise program available to the students, I took it upon myself to initiate a program and instruct group fitness classes for the students and faculty. The members were thrilled to take my Kickboxing and boot camp classes right on campus, even though we had to clear out a large space each time in one of the classrooms to do it.

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I moved back to Syracuse in 2009, and began instructing group fitness classes at Kelly Lynn, where I continued to teach and expand my repertoire for the classes I’ve instructed over the past 6 years. My goal as an instructor is to provide high energy, motivating, and engaging multi-level classes that are designed to help members challenge themselves at their personal fitness levels. The best part about my job is being able to inspire and motivate others to challenge themselves to meet their personal fitness goals, and see that they have a great time doing it!

I am CPR, AED and first aid certified

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