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Champions has a multitude of methods to improve your strength and tone your body.

  1. Full circuit of Nautilus machines, which are perfect for people who are new to strength training or have range-of-motion restrictions.
  2. A huge free weight area.  Free weights provide superior strength benefits do the free range of motion they provide.  This engages all the stabilizer muscles in addition to the main targeted muscle.  The result is significant gains in functional strength.
  3. HammerStrength and cable machines:  Champions also has numerous machines that combine some of the advantages of the Nautilus machines in terms of safety and ease of use, with more of the free motion associated with free weights.  These are a great intermediate step between the Nautilus-type machines and free weights.
  4. A large collection of other tools to work your core and key muscle groups – such as stability balls, BOSUs, exercise bands, kettle bells, sledge hammers, and even large tires to flip.

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