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Lee McIndoe Forster

Lee McIndoe Forster has been a part of our Champions Fitness Family for about 5 years now. She adds tremendous value to our club and continues to make improving our members health and well-being a priority. She currently teaches a wide variety of our Aqua Aerobics Classes and Children’s Swim Lessons. New in 2018, Lee will be offering Aquatic One-on-One Personal and/or Group Training for those seeking the benefit of improving their health and wellness using water-based programming.
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The Benefits of Aquatic Training for Your Clients

Hydrotherapy has been promoted by the medical profession for years, and it is often recommended for rehabilitation, especially knee, hip, lower back and shoulder.
Water’s buoyancy reduces impact on all joints thus reducing the impact forces, stress and potential damage. At waist depth impact forces are reduced by 50%, at chest depth by 80%, and suspended in deep water there is no impact at all.

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Reducing Impact
Reducing impact is beneficial for overweight, obese, pregnant, and injured clients. Lower or no impact can also reduce stress on athletes’ joints enabling them to train more often without joint damage or pain. The foot strikes might actually increase, but without the impact the athlete can train safely for longer. Water moves, massaging the muscles and joints improving circulation, synovial fluid release and venous return. Thus higher intensity workouts can be maintained for longer.

Cardiac Clients
As venous return is assisted (Archimedes Principle), a cardiac client can train without increasing the heart rate or blood pressure dramatically. This is great for health improvements. An athlete can work at the same VO2 with a lower HR. Sometimes as much as 15bpm lower.

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As circulation is improved by the massaging effect of the water, and pressure assisting blood flow, water is the ideal place for recovery. Cooler water however constricts blood flow and reduces inflammation. Alternating cool/warm water is proven to assist muscle recovery increasing the removal of toxins and metabolic wastes.
Water provides multi-directional isokinetic resistance. Thus all movements against water are “harder” than air. But movements upwards are assisted by buoyancy. Water is more viscous than air, and provides frictional resistance. As water moves eddies are created, also increasing muscle activation (esp stabilizers). The faster the limbs are moved through the water, the greater the resistance. With added surface area (paddles and kickboards etc.) and/or added buoyancy (DB’s and noodles) the workout can be even harder.

Core Activation
The constant balancing and stabilizing of the body in water results in core and stabilizer activation. When the Centre of Gravity and the Centre of Buoyancy are out of alignment the core muscles work very hard to stop falling or floating.

Resistance and Weight Loss
Water provides an accommodating resistance. Thus there is no “sticking point”. Working across buoyancy removes the eccentric phase of motion. This double concentric motion promotes a balanced muscular workout without DOMS. This means more training, more often without the soreness and helps to provide weight loss and fat burring by taxing the body in a different mode of activity.

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